Evening Menu

Evening menu

A delicious range of seasonal, home cooked food served

Crispy Flowering Onion ~ A whole onion transformed onto the shape of a flower coated in spicy breadcrumb deep fried until crispy served with Angelique dip. This is an ideal starter to share! £7.00
House Chicken Liver Pate, finished with brandy and herbs £6.80
Potato Skins - the original deep fried crispy skin with angelique and ailoli £6.50
Creamy Garlic Mushrooms - mushrooms, cream sauce, herbs, garlic and crusted breadcrumbs £6.50
Homemade Soup of the Day - please ask your waiting staff for choices £5.50
Moules Mariniere - 500g of fresh mussels lightly cooked in white wine, garlic, parsley and lemon, served with garlic bread £8.50
Chilli & Garlic Prawns £8.50
Prawn Cocktail - Norwegian prawns served on a bed of crispy salad topped with Marie Rose sauce £7.50
Tempura King Prawns - lighlty battered King Prawns with a sweet chilli dip £8.50
Deep Fried Crispy Whitebait - with lemon and garlic mayonnaise £8.50
Main Course
Large Porterhouse - 12oz £22.50
Smaller Porterhouse - 10oz £20.00
Rump - 14oz £21.00
Point end of Rump - 16oz ( please check availability) £18.00
Fillet Steak - 12oz £37.00
Club Steak ~ Our largest rib end of sirloin on the bone (if you require this well done, please allow a little extra time) £28.00
Ribeye 10oz £22.50
Fillet Diane ~ Fillet steak cooked to your requirements with mushrooms and onions, flamed in brandy then reduced in fresh cream £22.00
Stroganoff ~ Strips of tender fillet steak sautéed with mushrooms and onions until golden then reduced in fresh cream served on a bed of rice £21.00
Duck Breast with Orange Sauce ~ Gressingham duck breast served with a maple syrup and orange sauce £21.00
Rack of Lamb - roasted with fresh rosemary. Served with a red wine sauce £21.00
Pan Roasted Chicken Breast - a la creme, dijon or au poivre £15.00
Chicken Parmesan - add a topping of mushrooms, chorizo, bacon or red jalapenos (+£1) £14.00
Large Cod ~ Battered or Pan fried £15.50
Regular Cod - Battered or Pan fried £10.00
Cheddary Cream mushroom pot (V) served with mixed salad, toasted sourdough £12.00
Spinach enchilada (V) served with a green salad £12.00
Steak Sandwich - aged thin cut steak, golden onions filled baguette, topping of mushrooms, Stilton cheese or cheddar cheese (+£1.20) £10.00
Homemade Lasagne ~ Bolagnaise, pasta, bechamel sauce, cheese chips and salad £10.50
Fillet Steak - 8oz £26.00
Whitby Scampi - served with homemade tartar sauce £11.50
Steak Pie - tender pieces of steak in a ricj gravy topped with puff pastry £10.50
Gammon and Eggs - A thicj slice of our home cured ham topped with free range eggs £13.00
Homemade Prime Beef Burger - in a brioche bun, served with salad, relish, coleslaw, & chips. Topping of cheddar cheese , stilton, cheese or bacon (+£1.20) £11.50
Vegetable lasagne (V) served with chips and salad £10.80
Steak Board - Rump steak served with salad, coleslaw and chips £11.50
Diane Sauce ~ Mushrooms and onions sauteed and then finished with a dash of brandy and fresh cream £3.00
Au Poivre Sauce ~ Crushed black peppercorns and brandy reduced in fresh cream £3.00
Dijon Sauce ~ Dijon mustard reduced in fresh cream £3.00
Aioli Sauce ~ Fresh garlic in creamy mayonnaise £2.00
Angelique Sauce ~ A spicy barbacue sauce £3.00
Stilton Sauce ~ Creamy blue cheese sauce £3.00
Black and Blue - stilton cheese and black pepper £3.00
Sticky Toffee Pudding ~ Cream or Vanilla ice-cream £6.00
Crème Brulee ~ with spicy lemon & ginger biscuit £6.00
Lemon Cheesecake - with cream or vanilla ice-cream £6.00
Chocolate Brownie - with strawberry puree and vanilla icecream £6.00
Selection of Ryeburns Ice-cream, three scoops, please ask for flavour options £6.00