A La Carte Menu

A La Carte menu

A delicious range of seasonal, home cooked food.

Crispy Flowering Onion ~ A whole onion transformed onto the shape of a flower coated in spicy breadcrumb deep fried until crispy served with Angelique dip. This is an ideal starter to share! £5.45
Pate Maison ~ Prepared by ourselves a smooth chicken liver pate laced with brandy and fresh herbs £5.45
Black Pudding ~ Locally produced black pudding sautéed in olive oil, served with mixed leaves & crispy onions £5.95
Potato Skins ~ Our original potato skins deep fried until crispy served with our famous dips Angelique (a Spicy barbeque sauce) and Aioli (a homemade garlic sauce) £5.65
Pate Filled Mushrooms ~ Deep fried mushrooms filled with our smooth chicken liver pate served with Aioli dip £5.65
Mushrooms Sautéed in Garlic ~ Mushrooms pan-fried in garlic and herb butter £5.65
Homemade Soup of the Day ~ Please ask for today's choice £5.00
Chicken Drumsticks and Wings ~ Crispy chicken pieces marinated in Angelique sauce, served with Angelique sauce £5.65
Gravadlax (Swedish cured Salmon) ~ Fresh Salmon marinated in our kitchen using Dill, Black pepper, Brandy, Honey and Sea Salt served on a bed of salad leaves with a Dill Mayonnaise £6.45
Moules Mariniere ~ Fresh Mussels lightly cooked in White Wine, Garlic, fresh Parsley and Lemon, reduced in fresh cream served with Garlic Bread £7.65
King Prawns in Garlic ~ King Prawn tails in their shell pan fried in Garlic and Herb Butter £7.65
Prawn Cocktail ~ Still as popular as ever Norwegian Prawns served on a bed of crispy salad leaves topped with Marie Rose sauce £6.45
Whitebait ~ Deep fried until crispy served with Lemon and Aioli dip £6.45
Tempura King Prawns ~ Lightly battered King Prawns with a sweet Chilli dip £7.65
Main Course
Large Porterhouse £21.00
Smaller Porterhouse £19.00
Large Rump £20.00
Smaller Rump £18.00
Fillet Steak ~ The tenderest of all steaks we recommend it cooked medium rare but if you require it cooked more well done, we suggest the steak be sliced in three £23.50
Club Steak ~ Our largest rib end of sirloin on the bone (if you require this well done, please allow a little extra time) £25.00
Steak Au Poivre ~ A large steak studded with black peppercorns, pan fried in butter the flamed in brandy and reduced in fresh cream £22.00
Steak Stilton ~ A large steak topped with a Béchamel sauce with melted Stilton cheese on top £22.00
Fillet Diane ~ Fillet steak cooked to your requirements with mushrooms and onions, flamed in brandy then reduced in fresh cream £22.00
Fillet Dijon ~ Tender fillet steak pan cooked to your requirements with Dijon mustard (a mild French mustard) and reduced in fresh cream £22.00
Fillet Au Poivre ~ Fillet steak studded with crushed peppercorns, pan fried in butter to your requirements then flamed in brandy and finished £22.00
Stroganoff ~ Strips of tender fillet steak sautéed with mushrooms and onions until golden then reduced in fresh cream served on a bed of rice £19.95
Duck Breast with Orange Sauce ~ Gressingham duck breast served with a port and orange sauce £18.00
Duck Breast with Cherry Sauce ~ Gressingham duck breast with a black cherry and red wine sauce £18.00
Loin of Lamb ~ Studded with garlic and fresh herbs roasted to your requirements £19.95
Garlic Chicken ~ Fresh Chicken breast sautéed in garlic butter £15.00
Chicken Dijon ~ Fresh Chicken breast pan cooked in butter flavoured with Dijon mustard and reduced in cream £15.00
Chicken a la Creme ~ Breast of chicken gently pan fried with mushrooms and onions, simmered in white wine then reduced in cream £15.00
Chicken au Poivre ~ Fresh Chicken breast studded with black peppercorns pan fried in butter then flamed in brandy & reduced in cream £15.00
Chicken Parmesan ~ Fresh chicken breast bread crumbed topped with béchamel sauce & cheddar £14.25
Large Cod ~ Battered or Pan fried £14.95
Smoked Haddock ~ Topped with a light cheese sauce on a bed of mashed potato £16.95
Wild Mushroom Tagliatelle (v) ~ Creamy wild mushroom sauce on tagliatelle £9.95
Mushroom & Pepper Stroganoff (v) ~ Mushroom & Pepper Stroganoff (V) ~ Mushrooms & Peppers sautéed in butter and reduced in cream served with boiled rice £11.95
Stilton Stuffed Mushrooms (v) ~ Deep fried mushrooms filled with Stilton cheese £9.95
Vegetable Lasagne (v) ~ Deep fried mushrooms filled with Stilton cheese £9.95
Diane Sauce ~ Mushrooms and onions sauteed and then finished with a dash of brandy and fresh cream £3.00
Au Poivre Sauce ~ Crushed black peppercorns and brandy reduced in fresh cream £3.00
Dijon Sauce ~ Dijon mustard reduced in fresh cream £3.00
Aioli Sauce ~ Fresh garlic in creamy mayonnaise £2.00
Angelique Sauce ~ A spicy barbacue sauce £3.00
Stilton Sauce ~ Creamy blue cheese sauce £3.00
Garlic Butter £2.50
Sticky Toffee Pudding ~ Cream or Vanilla ice-cream £5.95
Vanilla Crème Brulee ~ Almond Short Bread £5.95
Lemon Cheesecake £5.95
Banoffee ~ Topped with sliced Banana & Cream £5.95
Knickerbocker Glory £5.95
Banana Split £5.95
Selection of Ryeburn Ice-cream ~ 3 Scoops please ask for choice £5.95