Introducing Café 1756, lunchtime, Dudley Arms
Quiche, please ask for todays choice served with dressed green salad £7.00
Steak Sandwich, baguette or toasted sourdough, tender strips of beef, fried onions, dressed green salad, chips £11.00
Steak Board, rump steak, salad, coleslaw, chips or jacket potato £12.50
Fillet Steak 8oz, chips and salad £27.00
Whitby Scampi, chips, salad or peas £11.50
Crispy Flowering Onion, bbq dip £7.50
BLT, ciabatta, dry cured bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, served with chips £7.50
Prawn marie rose sandwich, wholemeal bread, dressed green salad, crisps £7.50
Freshly made soup, please ask for todays choice £5.00
Ploghmans, cheese, ham, pate, sausage pie, pickled onions, apple, celery, sourdough £10.00
Homemade Burger, cheese, bacon, salad, burger relish, served with chips £10.00
Homemade Meatballs, sourdough, mozzarella & rocket £8.00
Small Chicken Parmesan, chips and green salad £10.50
Homemade Lasagne, garlic bread £8.00
Ceasar Salad, cos, croutons, anchovies, dry cured bacon, shaved parmesan add chicken £3.00 £7.00